Warning: Never buy a universal 3G Modem

Universal 3G Modem software

For those looking for internet connectivity, the idea of being locked to a particular network provider is repulsive. We all know that our network of choice may not be up 100% of the time. Therefore we usually opt for a 3G universal modem so that we can connect to the internet with any other sim card available to us. This is further necessary in third world countries like Nigeria where the internet connectivity of some networks is very erratic. This doesn’t seem to leave us with much of a choice than to have multiple data dongles for different networks. However this is in itself expensive. To evade this expense, people have chosen the option of universal 3G modems to connect to the internet. The Purpose of this article is to warn you to desist from purchasing a universal 3G Modem for the following reasons.

Universal 3G Modems are usually substandard products

The connectivity of these devices to the internet is very slow and limited. If you have bought such modems in the past, you would have experiences their extremely slow speeds, even though they promise speeds of 7.2Mb/s or atimes even 21.6Mbs/s.

Universal 3g modems usually have no particular Reputable Brand Name

Universal 3G Modems
Universal 3G Modems usually come without reputable brand names

Just looking at the body of these modems, you see things like “HSPA + stick” or “HUSPA stick” or “HSPA stick” but usually never a brand name on it. This tells you that it is a lame Chinese product looking to get a share of the market. Having no brand name means even if they produce such a substandard product, they really have nothing to lose.

The reason why 3G Universal modems are extremely slow

Universal 3G Modem
My store bought Universal 3G Modem

I bought one of these modems, (picture to the left to surf the web on a windows 7 and 8 Pc only to discover firsthand that the connection was extremely slow. And at other times the network would not connect at all. As computer scientist, I made efforts to update the drivers, but the problem persisted. I even got the response that the drivers were already up to date. But when I tried this modem on a windows xp computer, it seemed to do just fine. So my conclusion is that 3G universal modems work on only obsolete operating systems like windows xp. The drivers seem not to be interoperable with more recent operating systems like windows 7, 8 and 10.

My recommendations aside buying aUniversal  3G Modem

This article is in no way encouraging you to use multiple data dongles from various network providers. My suggestion is that you should purchase a modem that is locked to a particular carrier (Network) like MTN, Orange, Sprint, Verizon, 9Mobile, Glo, Airtel etc. and afterwards unlock that modem to use various sim cards of your choice. The data modems used by these internet companies are usually of a high quality standard, are fast and have a reputable brand name like ZTE or Huwaei. My mistake should be an experience to you not to repeat same.

Don’t Let the Cheap Price of universal 3G Modems deceive you.

Isn’t it a surprise that the 3G universal modems are cheaper than those locked to a certain carrier (Network) that should be a major red flag to indicate that what you are buying is not a genuine product. If they were of such good quality they should clearly be more expensive. Think about it for a moment. When I went to complain to the seller of this item of the sluggishness of the connectivity, seeking a refund, even if partial. Himself objected and refused, telling me to use the money to purchase something else from his store. The reason I mention this is that the same store as I was told still has about 500 pcs of this fake item. This is 500 more people that would suffer a disservice from fake product. This post is a warning to you out there. Buy from Network providers and unlock. The unlocking fees are not high and you get to have a good network connection. Never you buy a Universal 3G modem. Have a similar or different experience with your universal 3G Modem? Let us know in the comments.