Tell this Instant Pot what time to cook your meal while you’re away

The Instant Pot duo Mini is the bestselling electric pressure cooker in North America now available in a 3 Qt compact format. The Instant Pot Duo Mini Rice Cooker Function cooks up to 6 cups of uncooked rice (12 cups cooked rice). The rice cooker function can cook all types of rice including white rice, brown rice, wild rice, sushi rice, risotto rice and more. It is the perfect pressure cooker, but here are some clarifications you need to have about this cutting edge cookware.

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1. The Instant Pot Duo Mini is an electric pressure cooker and not a Stove top Pressure Cooker

2. You can cook multiple items in it cooks rice in less than 4 minutes(sometimes even in less amount of time) – yes it does but BUILDING UP THE PRESSURE takes some time around 8 to 10 minutes( sometimes even more than that for very big quantities of food). So total time is almost same (give or take) when compared to stove top pressure cooker.

3. The lid and inner components of this cookware are all made of Stainless Steel. Both The Lid and cooking pot is dishwasher safe

TOP Reasons why you should buy the Instant Pot Duo Mini


For stove top pressure cooking, you need to monitor continuously for whistles, and turning off the stove – This you can easily avoid with the Instant pot. Since it is an electric pressure cooker with built in settings, it will automatically turn off the cooking for you, so you don’t have to stand near by the stove all the time. NO BABY SITTING.

The Instant Pot Duo Mini has many BUILT IN functions:

There are so many functions you can use for multiple cooking, some of them are Yogurt mode to make yogurt, Rice mode for rice, Slow cook mode etc.

Manually you can adjust time and pressure as well: This is really great for people who want to experiment in their cooking to find out the fastest times for their cooking, which saves lot of time than to use preset functions.

Delayed timer:

A Very fascinating and helpful Feature of the instant pot that makes it difficult to live without, is: you can start something cooking in the instant pot, and then *walk away* – even leave the house, and it will finish cooking just like you instructed, and be *perfectly done*, and then it will *keep it warm for up to 10 hours*! Not keep cooking it, just *keep it warm*. For up to 10 hours! You can put something in there in the morning, leave for the day, and come back to a perfectly cooked whatever, just waiting for you! (I think this is the thing that pressure cooker purists, who try to talk people out of getting an Instant Pot, rather than a stove top pressure cooker, fail to understand. You can’t just walk away from a stove top pressure cooker after the stuff starts cooking.)


It is almost impossible to mess up with this thing to a point of being dangerous, so if you’re concerned about the exploding pressure cookers of yore, you needn’t be. Its UL and ULC certified with 10 proven safety mechanisms. With a STAINLESS STEEL inner pot – NO TOXINS, NONSTICK COATINGS, and NASTY CHEMICALS etc get into your food.

6. Highly energy efficient and kitchen friendly – Less Electric bills.


(multiple, if cooking multiple dishes by stacking) so, less clean up

And of course more…


Awesome features Very well built appliance and consistently improving for every new model, Perfect for almost every cooking need. SO PEOPLE who are looking for stainless steel cooking pot, cooking multiple items at once, don’t want to stand in front of the stove babysitting, busy parents, who wants fresh homemade food with less efforts, One pot cooking, Bulk cooking…. etc etc … YOU SHOULD BUY THIS.


Regular price varies but it is around $99.99 Honestly it is a very good INVESTMENT you will never regret.

Instant Duo Pot Mini Check Price on Amazon. >>>


The Protection plan is only $10 for 4 years as at the time of this article… If you have kids, or you drop things frequently etc better take it better safe than SORRY right?? You can always sleep peacefully.

DO YOU NEED TO BUY ADDITIONAL RECIPE BOOKS?? If you are an experimental person and have a lot of time in Kitchen – answer is NO, You are better off with joining a Face book group to find interesting recipes. But if you are busy, don’t want to trial and error then yes buy couple of eBooks for quick cooking; of course you can join Face book groups as well, since it is totally free 🙂

PS: DON’T GET DISHEARTENED if your recipes failed when you started using it. It happens to everyone. It takes time and some trial and error to get the exact recipe timings to your taste and texture. Everyone who bought this has been through that phase, so give sometime and try
Further Observations on the Benefits of the Instant Pot Duo Mini

1. The Cleanup of this cookware is a breeze; the stainless steel is almost like non stick and doesn’t need a lot of scrubbing.

2. Saves time, one pot to clean, so your cooking time on stove is greatly reduced.

3. You rarely have to clean the lid… It never gets dirty or smelly but you can clean once a month or whenever you see splatters of food.

4. For tough stains, pour baking soda, vinegar, dish soap or essential oils into the pot, put the lid and do manual 2 mins. All the stains and stuck food easily comes off and it is a SPA day for your IP.

5. NOTE: This product is 110v and for use in North America, if you live in Europe or other 220-240v territories this product will not operate, unless you off course use a voltage regulator for it.

Voltage regulator, Check Price on Amazon>>>.


Instant Pot Duo Mini is the ideal Cookware that combines the functions of a Rice Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker, and Warmer. It has an amazing 24-hour delay start timer which means turn on the delayed timer in the morning and by the time you come from office you have fresh piping hot homemade food ready to devour, alongside an Automatic keep warm feature that holds the temperature of the dish until you serve. As said by many, its practically the best cookware you have ever owned.