Portable Air Conditioner-TOP Reasons why you need it

Nothing compares to the comfort of cool air on a hot summer day. But what do you do when there’s no central air conditioning? Because the weather is so pleasant most of the time, most buildings in the world do not have central air, and may not even have window screens, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. When the temperature rises, a portable air conditioner can help you keep your cool without breaking into walls, reconfiguring windows, or altering the structure of a building in any way.


Portable AC units allow you to take the cool air with you as you move from room to room, avoiding the expense of cooling an entire house or apartment full of unused rooms. Because of their easy maneuverability and small size, portable AC units work well in apartments, workplaces, computer server rooms, or anywhere installing a traditional AC system may not be practical. Portable air conditioners commonly have caster wheels that allow them to be easily moved from room to room.

Ease of Use

To install, be sure your portable unit is properly vented. This doesn’t mean it must be sitting in a window, but a flexible hose should be extended from the unit to the outside for venting purposes. Most portable ACs utilize standard electrical outlets. While a central air conditioning system is a complex and expensive installation process, the portable AC unit is simple and easy enough for just about anyone to use.


 Portable air Conditioner
Photo of a Portable air Conditioner

While portable air conditioners are great for supplemental or spot cooling, many models also come with built-in heaters and/or air purifiers. Portable air conditioners remove moisture from the air, providing the added benefit of acting as a dehumidifier. Some units also include air purifiers, fans, and even space heaters. This kind of versatility means portable AC units can provide comfort in a variety of environments and interior spaces.

Other Benefits

Another problem portable a/c helps resolve is insects invading our inner spaces. Sometimes leaving the windows open isn’t an option due to the mozzies (mosquitos). Just one mozzie can really wreak havoc with a good night’s sleep.

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What else to think of

Portable air conditioners often include air filters and sometimes even ionizers and activated carbon filters to help improve air quality. These features help decrease indoor pollutant levels. It has even been said that filtered air can improve immune system, and decrease the occurrence of asthma and allergy attacks. A portable AC also helps with energy efficiency. One of the biggest advantages of using a portable air conditioner is the ability to cool only a specific area. Central air conditioning cools all rooms evenly, but portable air conditioners can provide more cooling for the warmest areas, such as the upstairs rooms, where heat rises.

Portable Air Conditioner Online Shopping Guide

If you have central air and you want just this one area cooled, you would have to lower the temperature of the entire house. So a portable air conditioner can save a lot of energy. By not having to turn down the thermostat to comfortably cool all living areas, you’ll save on energy and electricity, for a more “green” planet, as well as more green in your wallet! Like many households, perhaps you have different family members who like their rooms cooler for sleeping, while other family members always feel too cold. A portable air conditioner could be the perfect solution to give everyone the comfortable climate they desire.

Portable fans and paddle fans are good for circulating air, but they can’t cool or heat it, nor do they reduce the humidity. For these benefits, look to portable ACs. If you have an area that needs cooling, but conventional air conditioners won’t work for you, a portable AC could be just what you have been looking for.

In conclusion:

The advantages of using a portable air conditioner include:

– Portability                                                     

– Lower energy costs

– Environmentally friendly

– Can be plugged into standard outlet

– Lowers humidity

– Provides heat without open flame

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