Microwave Oven Cooking – The surprising benefits

Cooking meat in a microwave oven still seems like alien technology in the minds of most people. Since the invention of the microwave oven, there have been a lot of confusion and misinformation about its usefulness. Several unfounded notions have been spread, both online and in print dissuading its use. It is without proof that these notions make their unfounded claims. The fact is that you can achieve so much more with a microwave oven than you actually thought possible and this post is about the merits associated with microwave oven cooking. However it is expedient that you understand the technology behind microwave oven cooking.

Understanding the Technology of Microwave Oven Cooking

Microwave Oven
A Portable Microwave Oven

A microwave oven cooks food by transferring short electromagnetic waves with a frequency of about 2.4 GHz through the food. These waves are absorbed by the food causing the water molecules in them to vibrate very quickly at a rate of about 2400 million times per second. The quick and rapid rate of vibration of the food molecules causes heat to be produced. This friction heat induced by the microwaves is what cooks the food as it distributes through it. When you rub your hands together to warm them up, it generates heat. It is in this same way that microwaves in a microwave oven cause the food molecules to be rubbed together producing heat that results in their cooking.


Uses of a Microwave Oven

They are very efficient not just in cooking as stated above, but also to reheat and defrost different types of food. The key to microwave oven usage is in setting the right time for the foods to cook, thawed or reheated for best results. Fortunately microwave ovens all come with practical manuals on cooking and defrosting times for a variety of food.

Dispel the False Notions about Microwave Oven Cooking

In some circles, the belief is held that this cookware produce food that is radioactive and dangerous to health. But this is very untrue. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves much like radio waves and TV Signals we use every day in our homes. Microwaves are very dissimilar from nuclear radiations which are deadly. These folks who propound such notions simply have to do a little bit of research on waves and types of waves. If you are comfortable with a radio signal in your home, you should also be comfortable with having a microwave oven. The only thing that could pose a health hazard is the type of material you use to microwave your food.

Be Aware Of What Materials to Use in a Microwave Oven

There are some plastics on which is inscribed that they are microwave oven safe. These are the types of plastic you should use in placing your food in a microwave oven. Research has proven that other types of plastics have ability to leech out certain harmful chemicals in your food. So as long as the plastic is marketed as microwave oven safe – you are good to go.


Fast Cooking: preparing your food with a microwave oven is quicker than when preparing them with conventional cooking methods like electric or gas cooking method.

Better Nutritional Profile

The Food cooked by a microwave oven is more nutritious because much of the nutrients are not destroyed by the cooking process. For example when cooking Vegetables on a stove top, a key nutrient easily destroyed is Vitamin C. A Lack of this vitamin causes the disease condition known as scurvy. Cooking vegetables in a microwave oven retains much of the Vitamin C and other vitamins leaving your food with a better nutritional profile

Cooler Cooking Environment When Using this method

Cooking, defrosting or re-heating your food in a microwave oven does not heat up your kitchen because the cooking method does not make use of a physical fire. The utensils also used in cooking as well do not suffer from the heating effect of fire.

Safer Cooking

This cookware is safe for cooking as they do not contaminate the food with radiation. Several recent studies have proven that some cancer causing compounds like heterocyclic aromatic amines HCA which are easily formed in meat or fish during cooking by boiling or frying. But when food is cooked in a microwave cookware those cancer causing substances are either not produced, or are only minimally compared to any other cooking method. This places microwave ovens as one of the safest ways to cook food.

Microwave Ovens Use Far Less Energy

For the fact that microwave ovens do not use direct heat, they require far less energy to operate. By using a microwave technology, you get to save a on your recurring electricity bill.

Cooking Is Cleaner Than Other Cooking Methods

The residues left during traditional cooking on a stove top are not present when a microwave cookware is used. Spills and splashes of meat and soup broth are not prevalent in it. This makes cleaning the microwave and cleaning utensils easy than other conventional cooking methods.


The Above advantages are far more than enough to encourage you to use microwave technology in your home. All you need to be conversant with is the time and technique of cooking various recipes with it. There are many articles online covering that topic. Also ensure that you use microwave oven safe plastics when defrosting or reheating your food. You can make a selection of suitable microwave ovens for your home using the link.