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Best Mattress Protector

A good mattress is a heavy investment that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. It is a wise move to protect such an expensive investment from any possible damage. The only way to ensure the protection of your mattress is to get a mattress protector. Safe rest Mattress Protector is our top pick because of its premium features and excellent quality. Mattresses, however expensive, are prone to liquid spills, perspiration (sweat stains), bedwetting and other risks. After spending hundreds to thousands of dollars to acquiring a mattress, it is imperative that you keep your mattress in prime condition.

Why Choose Saferest Mattress Protector?

Safest Mattress Protector is our top pick because it is renowned for premium protection against urine, perspiration, fluids, dust mites including allergies and asthma triggers. For many Americans with allergies and asthma triggers, Dust mites are a very common problem. Safe rest Mattress protector prevents dust mites from gaining passage through the surface of the protector where they are usually wont to defecate and multiply. By eliminating the risk of dust mites penetrating the mattress, the sleeper gains better control of his/her sleeping environment. This results in a significant reduction in allergy triggers and better quality of air.

Features of Safe rest Mattress Protector:

Hypoallergenic Soft Cotton Terry Surface – Cool, Breathable and Noiseless

Best Mattress Protector
Saferest Mattress Protector Protects Against Dust Mites, Fluids, Urine, Perspiration, Allergens And Bacteria (10-Year Warranty)

Saferest employs only top quality components for their mattress protector to make sure that your sleep experience is quiet and comforting as though it were not there SafeRest’s premium cotton terry surface design is soft, smooth, and noiseless. Cotton terry naturally absorbs fluids while allowing air and heat to pass through, keeping your bed cool and dry. To keep The Mattress protectors cool and noiseless, the surface material is made with soft cotton terry back coated with a breathable, hypoallergenic and 100% waterproof membrane layer. Cotton terry naturally absorbs moisture and is completely noiseless.

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SafeRest Invisa-Shield

The surface of Saferest fitted sheet style protector is designed not to interfere with the current feel of your mattress. No matter if your mattress is a firm or pillow top, it will still have the same feel after our protector is applied. Saferest mattress protectors are also designed for all types of mattresses including memory foam, latex and innerspring. For best results, wash the protector first. This opens up the cotton terry loops as the protector arrives tightly folded to reduce packaging.

Vinyl, Phthalates and PVC Free Waterproof Breathable Membrane

Protect your mattress from fluid spills like sweat and urine with SafeRest’s exclusive membrane layer. This unique design blocks fluids from reaching the mattress while still allowing the mattress to breathe preventing heat buildup. SafeRest’s waterproof membrane is free of vinyl, PVC, phthalates or fire retardant chemical treatments. It’s perfect for those with children, allergies or asthma.

Fitted Sheet Style

To ensure a great fit, an elastic band is used on the side skirt to automatically pull excess material under the mattress.

Machine Washable

Machine-wash with your sheets using normal household detergents that do not contain bleach. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron.

In Conclusion

Saferest mattress protectors will not change the feel of your mattress. This is great for those with any type of mattress including innerspring, latex or memory foam. All SafeRest premium protectors are backed by a full replacement 10-year product warranty, contain no phthalates, vinyl or PVCs and are registered as a class 1 medical device with the FDA.

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