Power Solutions

100% Free energy generation; Trick or Reality?

100% Free energy generation; Trick or Reality? YouTube is littered with hundreds of videos purporting the creation of 100% free energy generators using common materials, to break this down: It means generating electric power without the need for fuel or refueling. A self-running system that needs no fuel power input for its electricity output. Some […]

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energy renewable methods to power your home

Electricity supply in Nigeria has recently worsened than ever before, leaving Nigerians scrambling for alternative ways of getting energy to power their homes and businesses. The government has repeatedly blamed sabotage of power installation as well as attacks on gas facilities for the constant outages A lot of businesses have closed down following the irregular […]

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Power Sources for Nigerians

Power sources for Average Nigerians

Power sources are the driving force behind every industrialized nation. In fact, countries with more power generation capabilities can deploy more resources than countries lacking such capabilities. Humans have generated sufficient energy from the earth to destroy it 10000 times over. Some of the procedures used for power generation have led to climate change, which is […]

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