Bluetooth earphones vs wired ones; which is better?

Bluetooth earphones are the earphone technology in vogue, but that has not put the wired ones out of fashion. In any case, Bluetooth speakers come with several advantages over wired ones. If you are going to make a choice between both here is list of the pros and cons of a Bluetooth earphone to motivate your decision.

Bluetooth earphones PROS:

Bluetooth earphones are more convenient

Usage that does not involve plugging into the phones earphone jack and wire cabling to your ears is all too convenient. All that is required for its functioning is to establish a Bluetooth connection between the earphone and cell phone and you’re good to go.

Bluetooth earphones can operate at a further distance from the phone

With wired earphones, there is a limit to the distance the phone can be from you. As far as the earphone wire length goes that is. While there’s also an operation distance margin for Bluetooth earphones, the distance is further for Bluetooth earphones than wired ones. There are places you might not want to carry your phone to for some reasons, and yet you want to listen to some music while being there. Take for instance the kitchen. With wired earphones, the phone must be with you everywhere, while a Bluetooth earphone can work for you in the kitchen while your phone is in the living room and that is very convenient.

They are more stylishbluetooth earphones

Style and fashion is what you get using a Bluetooth earphone. They tend to have a more stylish design and a more appealing look. They appear more modern than traditional wired earphones. So if you concerned about elegance, class and style. Bluetooth earphones are  good choice.

Bluetooth Earphones Cons:

They are more expensive

Compared to conventional wired earphones, Bluetooth ones come at an additional price tag than wired ones. All that convenience, style and elegance does not come free.

They need to battery recharge or battery replacement.

Talking about maintenance costs, Bluetooth earphones come with power batteries that need to be recharged often after being drained or entire replaced. This makes Bluetooth earphones a bit more expensive to maintain. Usage can be restricted because of a drained battery while a wired earphone functions as long as your cell phone has power.

Security concerns: Ease of losing

It is easier to lose a Bluetooth earphone than a wired one because of the absence of cables. If you have ever used a wired earphone, you would have noticed times when the earphone fell out of your ear and was kept from being lost because it was connected to the earphone jack of the phone. At times in your home, throwing your earphone piece on the couch or bed and looking for it afterwards would be easier with a wired earphone than a Bluetooth one because the wire will make it to be discovered easier.


Whatever has an advantage also has a disadvantage, but the cons of a Bluetooth earpiece can easily be circumvented. The additional price is not such as would break your bank and you could be more careful by making sure the device is In its case after use.