100% Free energy generation; Trick or Reality?

100% Free energy generation; Trick or Reality?

YouTube is littered with hundreds of videos purporting the creation of 100% free energy generators using common materials, to break this down: It means generating electric power without the need for fuel or refueling. A self-running system that needs no fuel power input for its electricity output. Some say it is Kind of like getting something for nothing. Lets face it, it would be a dream come true for very many people. After all, everyone needs electric power in the 21st century. The idea of generating your own electric power would mean empowerment and the elimination of recurring ridiculous electricity bills amounting to thousands of dollars. But it doesn’t take rocket science to realize that much of these so called DIY free energy generators are a too good to be true scenario. As it is clear that there’s no how you can get something from nothing. Much of these videos are from ruthless attention seekers that would stop at nothing to get fame and finances for projects that they know would never function.

Are all the 100%Free energy generation videos a scam?

Having said that, this doesn’t mean that the entireties of these videos are all a scam; In fact that is the reason for this article. It is often said that the truth is often stranger than fiction. What if it were true that we could generate free electric power for ourselves and that the multi National companies are keeping this information to themselves so that they could further enlarge their pockets from the ignorant masses? That doesn’t seem to be farfetched. If the government of the united states could incarcerate a man for installing a wind turbine on his own property, and if the state of Oregon could find a man guilty of breaking the law for collecting rain water on his own property. Then it is not hard imagining that the government and multinational companies would keep such a discovery a thing of top secrecy.

Much Ado about getting something out of Nothing

Now there are those who have arisen to debunk the claim of these videos with the fact that you cannot get something from nothing. While the parable may be true. Some of these videos are not about getting something from nothing, but about getting electricity of magnetism which is the source behind 80% of the worlds power, but in this case by a different and less conventional arrangement. In my viewing of these videos my observation is that there seems to be a common trend in these free energy power generation videos. The outstanding genre of free energy generation experiments involves the use of magnets or magnetism to produce substantial power output.

Bringing High school physics to the discernment

I have personally viewed a lot of these videos and did skip the ones that I thought to be outright scam. Not because I have personally tried the experiments and confirmed them to be scam, but because I do not understand any explainable principle by which these so called energy enthusiasts create their electric energy. However there are some which are perfectly understandable. For instance in the video below by MC Tech.

The you tuber placed three neodymium magnets on a pc fan with glue and caused their rotation with another magnet and this generated sufficient energy to power two 220volt filament bulbs. Now high school level physics makes us understand in the principle of electromagnetic induction that a magnet moving in or around a stationary coil causes an induced electric current in the coil. And here we see the three magnets rotating around the inner coil of the Pc Fan. Note here that a pc fan contains coils of wire wound inside it. So this article is about the several out of these experiments that are worth a try by any energy enthusiasts, while sifting away those that should be totally ignored because they are not even worth your time. The video above is definitely worth a trial, the materials used are common except for the neodymium magnets which you should be able to get for a paltry sum on Amazon